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our favorite tools

Your supplies, ingredients and tools can make all the difference in your baking and decorating success. We get so many questions about the decorating supplies we use at home. We definitely have some favorites we want to share with you! Here is a list of our top picks and our favorite places to find them.



Bees Baked Art Supplies

They carry so many of the best decorating supplies and ingredients including some of those hard-to-find items you may have been hunting for! Here is a list of our favorites from Bee’s!




We use an Arkon Phone Stand and the Remarkable Creators Clamp Phone and Camera Stand to take all of our still shots and for filming all of our YouTube and hyperlapse video tutorials. They’re also great for steaming live video! Either stand works perfectly with our Pico projector when we decorate too! Arkon stands are all fully adjustable so you can position your device at any angle to capture the best view!







Having the perfect packaging for your cookies is so important! You want something that beautifully displays your cookies but also protects them at the same time.

BRP Box Shop offers so many great packaging options designed specifically for cookies! For years, we searched for a box with enough style and function that it could go from our cookie kitchen straight to the party! With the help of BRP, we designed the Blyss Cookie Crate! It easily holds 45 standard 3” cookies and has handles to make it easy to carry!




Not all meringue powders are created equal - and it is THE ingredient in your icing that makes or breaks your decorating success. We discovered Chefmaster’s not long after we started decorating and it is the ONLY meringue powder we use. It has a great flavor and gives us consistent results every time. Our frosting has a soft bite and it dries with a smooth glossy finish. We also love the gel colors and airbrush colors from Chefmaster!



Artfully designed creations

ADC is your one-stop-shop for all of your airbrushing and stenciling needs. You can purchase the ADC airbrush, replacement parts and all of our exclusive Blyss stencil designs here. Remember to look for our sets of coordinating stencils and cutters!



Sweet Sugarbelle

Sweet Sugarbelle and American Crafts have created a great line of cookie decorating products that have changed the world. They’re available from several different retailers but we’ve linked our favorite products here to American Crafts. You can visit Sweet Sugarbelle’s website for inspiration and tutorials using her cutters and products.



Killer Zebras

We love all the hand lettering stencils from Killer Zebras. They have so many beautiful options for all of the major holidays and life events. Their designs offer a style that is so unique and elegant! Their cutter/stencil sets are some of our favorite!



Truly Mad Plastics

TMP has made it possible for us to share our custom cutter designs with all of you! In addition to having an endless supply of unique cutter shapes, they also offer a variety of other great decorating supplies we love.



Intricut Edibles

Edible wafer paper details are some of our favorite embellishments. Intricut Edibles offers a huge selection of detailed, pre-cut wafer paper shapes! There is something for any occasion. Their designs are cut from high quality, white wafer paper. For added detail, they can be colored with an airbrush, food markers or edible paint to match any color palette!

Can’t find the shape you’re looking for?

They have thousands of shapes and they’re constantly adding new designs to their website.

Contact Intricut Edibles for a custom order and quote